Released in 1999, Warzone 2100 was one of the first RTS games to be truly 3D. Rather than being merely an aesthetic feature, Pumpkin Studios used the game's 3D engine to allow modular unit customization and terrain features such as lines of sight and mortar arcs. Thousands of unit combinations are possible as players can create everything from heavily armored VTOL aircraft to lightly armored hover-tanks with command sensors allowing them to direct other units. The game features a single-player campaign where base and units are retained from one mission to the next. In order to prevent players from simply amassing an unstoppable force as a result of this the majority of missions have a timer. This proved to be one of the main points of criticism however as a single enemy unit left on the battlefield could cause the player to lose a two hour mission if they ran out of time - no small matter when the PlayStation and pre-patch PC versions only allowed the player to save between missions.
Warzone 2100
Cavedog Entertainment
Release Date:
September 30, 1997
Players Online:
After 3000 years of galactic scale warfare the remnants of two once great armies duke it out for the total annihilation of the other in this 1997, critically acclaimed RTS. Play Now!