Total Annihilation (TA) is a 1997 RTS game developed by Chris Taylor’s now-defunct Cavedog Entertainment and published by GT Interactive, which is now part of the Atari brand. It is unique in that it was the first RTS to use full 3D models and maps with height data (though they are still rendered in 2D) a year before the cult hit Starcraft was released, which still used 2D models. It features large scale battles over large maps (the largest maps were so massive that they required a lot more RAM than the minimum requirements for the game); 150 unique units, later expanded to 230 with two subsequent expansions ( The Core Contingency and Battle Tactics), with tools available for users to create their own units to add to the game; and up to 10 player online or LAN multiplayer. It is renowned for being years ahead of its time in scope and mechanics. The game was subject to numerous Game of the Year awards; praised for its deep and unique gameplay, soundtrack, and first use of 3D models in a RTS.

The game is still played more than a decade after its release by an active fanbase, and has been remade by two notable projects with full 3D engines: as a mod for the Spring Engine and as TA3D. The game is considered the spiritual precursor to Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games’s Supreme Commander and the upcoming Planetary Annihilation.
Cavedog Entertainment
Release Date:
September 30, 1997
Players Online:
After 3000 years of galactic scale warfare the remnants of two once great armies duke it out for the total annihilation of the other in this 1997, critically acclaimed RTS. Play Now!