Online Spades – How do you communicate?

Spades strategies for getting help winning books. I bet many of you seen the name of this article and went, is he promoting cheating?  Sorry if this turned into clickbait. We do not promote talking or backchanneling in Spades.  What I am referring to is you are announcing to everyone what cards you have in your deck when you play.  Often there are subtle differences in showing your power to everyo...[Read More]

Your First Spades Game on MPLAYER!

New to MPLAYER?  Here are the steps to join your first spades tournament! This may seem like much for your first time but I will say two things about your way of joining your first spades tournament on MPLAYER: Our community is incredibly helpful, feel free to ask for help By the third time you join: It will be fast and easy ***Our native Spades game is in development Your own league is welcome he...[Read More]

Bidding Strategy in Spades

Bidding in spades is very difficult, and will make or break you in spades leagues. So we need to be great at bidding in spades, and with that being said, I wanted to review how I would approach different scenarios and some of the things I look at to win the most possible tricks.  Being bad at bidding in spades means you could win, and someone could legitimately trash talk you and say you suck beca...[Read More]

Re: Playing with and against a Nil in Spades

When someone is going Nil in spades, many of the strategies and responsibilities change.  Through playing I wanted to review some of the things I have found. Bidding nil in spades is a unique aspect of this card game, and I personally appreciate the extra layer of skills and consideration required.  If there is a common theme, it is a two-way street – with both parties trying to do opposing ...[Read More]

The very brief history of Spades

The history of spades is poorly documented, but I did some research and here is what I could find. The general consensus of Spades is that it started in the Midwest (notably Cincinnati, Ohio).  Most likely by college students who enjoyed Whist and Bridge.   Spades is fast-paced, competitive, and strategic and over time grew on college campuses in the Midwest.  It was still a niche game at the...[Read More]

Spades Lingo

Sound like a Spades Pro We want to cover some of the jargon in Spades, so you can sound the part (even if you don’t necessarily play it well).  I’m not trying to cover the generic terms here, more of the ones that the old school pros might say.  Are you going to fake it until you make it with this?  Maybe. Game setup Game setup is based off the most powerful cards in the game Joker, Joker, D...[Read More]


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