Instanced games need a shooting gallery

You have spawned near a beach, running towards the nearest town.  There, you spend 30 minutes scouring buildings, and lo and behold you found it: the AK-47.  This is your first time with this gun, something you have aspired to find, and you are ready to use it.  You walk out of the building and you have been tracked– suppressive fire incoming.  You escape around the corner, ready to return f...[Read More]

Abbreviated List of Battle Royale Games

I remember a number of MOBA games being launched, with eventually three surviving (Rip MxM, Infinite Crisis for example).  Now the King of the Hill, or whatever you want to call it – genre has gotten crowded quick, especially with games being able to create mods of it.  My list is I believe thorough but is probably missing one or two games.  If I am missing for any, please send a message in ...[Read More]

Ranking the PUBG Clone Cell Phone Games

If you have been under a rock, PUBG was a huge hit. Ask Fortnite, ask Warframe, even moreso ask H1Z1 and the Culling. So naturally, some people would try to mimic on the cell phone, lots of them. So i took the liberty of identifying most of them and wrote brief reviews to save you time. I want to point out the que time in these games are very small (surprisingly).   X: EXILE Battle ROYALE- la...[Read More]

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds Breaks the Steam Concurrent Users Online Record From Dota 2

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds is a record breaker ever since it’s release. But today, it stole the crown from the popular Dota 2 on Steam being the game with the highest concurrent users online with 1,305,336 players. SteamDB and SteamCharts both have confirmed this new record, however, there are still some debate of the true number Dota 2 actually had. There is a disagreement from the 2 sta...[Read More]

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