The very brief history of Spades

The history of spades is poorly documented, but I did some research and here is what I could find. The general consensus of Spades is that it started in the Midwest (notably Cincinnati, Ohio).  Most likely by college students who enjoyed Whist and Bridge.   Spades is fast-paced, competitive, and strategic and over time grew on college campuses in the Midwest.  It was still a niche game at the...[Read More]

TeamFortress History

The year was 1996, and if you were a PC Gamer and had internet (28.8) most CD’s had a Kali HEAT.net or the biggest platform Mplayer on them. So I bought a game, Big Red Racing, great racing game for its time but not the point. Point was it advertised Mplayer.com as the place to play Multiplayer. I went on there and raced and it was a ton of fun but I was able to in the Mplayer client see this game...[Read More]

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