Small Devs: Here’s some Tips

We are lucky to live in a day where small gaming companies are taking off with grand ideas.  They are executing and creating great games that we can play and really enjoy passionate ideas.  But many of them are having a failure at launch, and we hope to create a wrapper for why to help in the future. My inspiration came from when my friend downloaded a Space Shooter recently, and I recall from it’...[Read More]

BenQ ZOWIE EC2-B Mouse Review

Heard of Zowie as a non-monitor company?  Its a legit gaming brand that many professional CS/OW/Whatever FPS gamers use.  Typically in that rung its the Zowie EC2-B and the Deathadder.  I wanted a new mouse, I had a Logitech g402 that when you lifted it it would spin your guy 180 degrees, time to go.  Was a solid mouse for the 3 years I had it.  So proof points said Deathadder (which I have had be...[Read More]

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