Interview with HellBound Game Developer, Saibot Studios

In case you have no clue what HellBound is, it’s a new highly anticipated FPS game geared towards the classic 90’s style shoot’em ups. We reached out to Saibot Studios, the developers of HellBound to get a little more info on the game and what we can expect. So, if you are a DOOM, Quake & Duke Nukem fan, then you may want to keep a close eye on the HellBound game. 1. Tell us ...[Read More]

Reality Check: Arena Shooters

The arena shooter is dead, as much as I do not want to admit it. But in a sense was it ever alive? TOXIKK, anyone?  Yes?  1 year old, mostly positive reviews.  You are probably asking me what the f is this. QuakeLive, anyone? Yes? Good enough game to live forever, but it’s living in the shadows. Unreal Tournament anyone?  Yes?  Not very popular.  Great game, polished in its current state. Qu...[Read More]

PC Clan Leaders of the 90’s were way ahead of their time

“As recently as the 1990’s, only about 20% of professional work was team-based. Now it’s 80%.” – Korn Ferry Imagine 1996: No Smartphones Email adoption was low 28.8 kbs dial-up modems And here were people coordinating disparate teams building and executing a strategy, managing operations, and promoting.  Fairly similar to a corporation who utilizes a number of associa...[Read More]

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