Your First Spades Game on MPLAYER!

New to MPLAYER?  Here are the steps to join your first spades tournament!

This may seem like much for your first time but I will say two things about your way of joining your first spades tournament on MPLAYER:

  • Our community is incredibly helpful, feel free to ask for help
  • By the third time you join: It will be fast and easy
    • ***Our native Spades game is in development
  • Your own league is welcome here!

Step 1: Register for Leagues and Trickster

We currently host 2 Leagues, in which you will have to signup for, as they keep rankings and tournament logs, in which you can win Prizes.  One example is cuffs below your avatar for DND’s Bonnie & Clyde Tournament.  We work with our leagues to help with winning prizes.

They both are incredibly fun, welcoming, and are unique.

Step 2: Join Lobby in MPLAYER

join online spades

Click the Yellow Join

Click Join to join the main lobby which will look like:

STEP 3: Join a Tournament Room

As you see above: There is SA  @ 4:30 and DND @ 5:50, some of our tournaments.  Join the tournament you want to play in(Double Click)

Spades Tournaments OnlineStep 4: Register for the Tournament

When you get in it will look like this, you will want to scroll down inside the webpage (Where it says: Welcome to SA)


When you get in the room, the tournament page will be loaded

Scroll down to Register (both Spades leagues have a standard Registration page)

register for a spades tournamentGo down to the registration page which will look like this:

online spades tournament

join your partner here

***Since it is your first game, you are probably going to join a team, you can ask “Does anyone need a partner” or Find someone who is asking for a partner.

Either way, you will need some information:

  1. Team Name (this will be in the drop down)
  2. Team Password – This should be kept simple (in the event you ever have to start a team)
  3. Your Ladder Name
  4. Your Ladder Password (Save both of these to avoid Re-Entry
  5. Click the Checkbox “I have read over the rules and agree to abide by these rules)
  6. Register

You will then be registered for a tournament, in which the Tournament Host will call out Rooms (Example: You-Person 2-3-4, SA 1-2 or DND 1-2)

Step 5: Join your respected Tournament Room and Join a game on Trickster

Leave the room, then join the new room made (Ex: SA 1-2 or DND 1-2) this is where you can chat with your opponents.  Seeing as you are new someone will probably host the game, in which they will post a code (Example CODE: AXC4VC) into chat.

Your spades tournament lobby

Find your room #

You will take that code and connect to Trickster Spades ( ) which will look like Below and click JOIN

click the join button

spades tournament screen 2

click I have a join code

Then click I HAVE A JOIN CODE (Very Bottom) and enter in the code provided from MPLAYER.

Join your correct Table opposite of your partner, and wait for them to click start.

Last Step: Have fun and Good Luck!

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