Samsung 850 EVO 500GB Review

First question you may ask:

M5A97 LE R2.0
AMD FX-8350
R9 280X OC Windforce r1, bought used years ago probably mining leftover
16GB of Ram DDR3
1TB Barracuda
Bigger Fan
Thermaltake 750 Gold PSU (upgraded from 650 OCZ that was surging)

**NOW Samsung 850 EVO

My friend Chuck bought a Nvidia 1060, big upgrade from his 9”6”0. He had me convinced this is how I would spend my money, and I ended up waiting for him to get his and try it. Said the difference, while impactful, was not as meaningful as the Samsung EVO SSD 250(yes I one upped him with the 500gb and are documenting that). Looked at the EVO and locked in bought one, rather impulsively.

My computer is old, I built it in December 2013? And did some minor upgrades. I was told this would make the biggest impact per dollar, so I forked out the ~$140 dollars.And this is what I got.

What is missing, I would rather have paid 10 dollars extra and got something to make it fit in a traditional case, and a SATA 6.0/sec cable. So I ran to BestBuy to find them and quickly reminded myself, BestBuy is not for Desktop PC Owners. Anyway, another 15 or so dollar purchase from Amazon and I have what I need.

This is what I had to buy to do it right, sadly.

I begin to install and run into spacing issues, in my sometimes tightly packed poorly wired, yes I blame myself, computer case.

R9 280X Windforce, the mounted SSD, Samsung GO Mic, Monitors Galore, not a good look.

So I get everything up and installed and back together, and BIOS reads the drive but Windows does not. I had to go into drives within Windows Disk Management right clicked on the black one and added a letter to it. Wala, Works.

Ok so I have a new hard drive and I install Windows 10 to it, deleting all my old games and configs, eh. Was a fairly PITA, but all’s well that ends well, time to test.

First Test: Escape from Tarkov Launcher:
Why? One I want to preview I will be reviewing Escape from Tarkov, two the launcher used to take forever.

Old Time: ~15.4 seconds
New Time: ~1 second

Huge difference, and all of a sudden your ADHD doesn’t kick in when launching. I also launched the game and the map loaded considerably faster.

Second Test, Windows Boot

Old Time: 33.6 seconds
New Time: 5.4 Seconds

Again huge difference, and all of a sudden your …………………

Also used CrystalDiskCheck, to quantify results which can be found here:

Overall, i’m mixed about this. Games load faster, but how much is that worth to you? This is not about parsing a large data-set (my review) this is about gaming. FPS could see improvement, and that’s if you are into open world games where the Hard Drive is responsible for pulling assets as you are moving. But overall this is the paper champion, when you look at the numbers you go wowowow, but that isn’t always real world performance. They also have higher fail rates, but leave that to the experts i’m a gamer.

One Final Point:
Seagate Barracuda 500gb 7200rpm – $43
Samsung EVO SSD 500gb – $150


  • Faster Load
  • Faster boot time
  • Faster open world game loading
  • Excuse to clean your hard drive


  • Novelty for many
  • Expensive
  • Do your research on fail rates
  • Installation annoying (but easy)


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