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Quake Champions is coming- what to expect

With the Quake Champions Early Access coming, wanted to take a second to give people an expectation of what to expect before my review comes in. ZeRo4, household name for some time now. MOBA Influence- League of Legends has basically changed the gami...[Read More]

TeamFortress History

The year was 1996, and if you were a PC Gamer and had internet (28.8) most CD’s had a Kali or the biggest platform Mplayer on them. So I bought a game, Big Red Racing, great racing game for its time but not the point. Point was it advertised...[Read More]

Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer Beta Trailer Review

Launching the COD WWII Multiplayer Beta Trailer a lightbulb went off. There’s actually real logical objectives now in the maps, awesome. I went back to the games I remember who do things like this, and realize, this game is a blast from the past. Why...[Read More]

Counter Strike History

A Brief, Probably Opinionated, Possibly True Story of the Tree Counter Strike came from The year is 1998, and Quake 2 is the successor to Quake 1 (duh), but the mod scene, a big component to both games, was still unmatured.  I personally bought Quake...[Read More]

Mplayer Updates Coming

We are always making updates to the Mplayer service to meet the demands of our members. We have a slew of new features coming to Mplayer within the next couple weeks that we feel are necessary to bring us further into the future. Be sure to keep chec...[Read More]

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