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Mplayer 4th Quarter 2019 Update, Plus Accounts and More

With the year of 2019 coming to an end, we move closer to the next major update of the Mplayer service. A small re-brand and a new software client update is on the horizon. So, for this Christmas holiday, we decided to cancel all current paying plus ...[Read More]

MEME OF THE YEAR 2018 – All contestants included

There is much to say, but not much to say at all. This was a great year for memes, especially January and December.  We watched memes continue to evolve to more abstract and impressionist art, and at the same time remain nice and stupid like Big Chun...[Read More]

My rookie lessons as a backgammon player.

Starting to learn backgammon, I made many mistakes which could be categorized as not seeing things through, and I wanted to share some. Taking a piece not worth what you may lose. This is the biggest mistake, see the example below. What happened, you...[Read More]

Online Spades – How do you communicate?

Spades strategies for getting help winning books. I bet many of you seen the name of this article and went, is he promoting cheating?  Sorry if this turned into clickbait. We do not promote talking or backchanneling in Spades.  What I am referring to...[Read More]

Bidding Strategy in Spades

Bidding in spades is very difficult, and will make or break you in spades leagues. So we need to be great at bidding in spades, and with that being said, I wanted to review how I would approach different scenarios and some of the things I look at to ...[Read More]

Re: Playing with and against a Nil in Spades

When someone is going Nil in spades, many of the strategies and responsibilities change.  Through playing I wanted to review some of the things I have found. Bidding nil in spades is a unique aspect of this card game, and I personally appreciate the ...[Read More]

2018 MEMES 1/2 Year Review and Awards

Preview of our Yearly MEME Calendar I work hard on the meme of the month Calendar.  I have to comb through all the funny memes site, use stuff off meme generator, create my own meme’s even. Memes are everywhere.  Many are funny memes, many prov...[Read More]

The very brief history of Spades

The history of spades is poorly documented, but I did some research and here is what I could find. The general consensus of Spades is that it started in the Midwest (notably Cincinnati, Ohio).  Most likely by college students who enjoyed Whist and Br...[Read More]

Spades Lingo

Sound like a Spades Pro We want to cover some of the jargon in Spades, so you can sound the part (even if you don’t necessarily play it well).  I’m not trying to cover the generic terms here, more of the ones that the old school pros might say....[Read More]

Small Devs: Here’s some Tips

We are lucky to live in a day where small gaming companies are taking off with grand ideas.  They are executing and creating great games that we can play and really enjoy passionate ideas.  But many of them are having a failure at launch, and we hope...[Read More]

Interview with BugSpray – Lead Dev of MidAir

I wanted to interview the MidAir team, and bugged them repeatedly for months, so I hope it means as much to you as it did with me.  If you ask me they draw a lot of parallels with what we are trying to do. We loved something, we missed its presence, ...[Read More]

Instanced games need a shooting gallery

You have spawned near a beach, running towards the nearest town.  There, you spend 30 minutes scouring buildings, and lo and behold you found it: the AK-47.  This is your first time with this gun, something you have aspired to find, and you are ready...[Read More]

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