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CIT2 Review – Multi Theft Auto

CIT2 ( is a very old and tenured server for Multi Theft Auto.  If I were to describe it: it is the best current attempt at a living and breathing world within a video game.  They patch this game nonstop and it has a huge player base.  I ...[Read More]

Why I Plan on Writing Multiple Reviews on GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas, probably one of the best games ever, and a staple of the Playstation 2.  I want to start with talking about how robust the sandbox offering is.  San Andreas is the product of having 10+ years of maturation from multiple people, and a...[Read More]

Message to Activision: COD’s commitment to nothing has said all it has to about its PC Port.

CODWW2 is a crappy console port.  Do I know this? No.  But can you argue that I am wrong? No.  This means I have a point. It’s not hard understand what PC gamers want, and it hasn’t changed in 10 years: Steady frame rate, let people adjust thin...[Read More]

Reality Check: Arena Shooters

The arena shooter is dead, as much as I do not want to admit it. But in a sense was it ever alive? TOXIKK, anyone?  Yes?  1 year old, mostly positive reviews.  You are probably asking me what the f is this. QuakeLive, anyone? Yes? Good enough game to...[Read More]

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds Breaks the Steam Concurrent Users Online Record From Dota 2

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds is a record breaker ever since it’s release. But today, it stole the crown from the popular Dota 2 on Steam being the game with the highest concurrent users online with 1,305,336 players. SteamDB and SteamCharts bo...[Read More]

PC Clan Leaders of the 90’s were way ahead of their time

“As recently as the 1990’s, only about 20% of professional work was team-based. Now it’s 80%.” – Korn Ferry Imagine 1996: No Smartphones Email adoption was low 28.8 kbs dial-up modems And here were people coordinating di...[Read More]

Call of Duty WWII Beta Review and Impressions

Call of Duty has been in a slight downward spiral since the release of Advanced Warfare back in 2014, however, Black Ops 3 seemed to bring some of the lost fan base back. Here we are in 2017 with the private beta of Call of Duty World War II. We deci...[Read More]

Quake Champions – Early Access is Live!

It’s that time! The time to FRAG! Quake Champions early access has now be enabled for all players. Players who want to jump in and frag their way to global dominance will be able to buy the Champions Pack, which will unlock all current and futu...[Read More]

Quake Champions is coming- what to expect

With the Quake Champions Early Access coming, wanted to take a second to give people an expectation of what to expect before my review comes in. ZeRo4, household name for some time now. MOBA Influence- League of Legends has basically changed the gami...[Read More]

TeamFortress History

The year was 1996, and if you were a PC Gamer and had internet (28.8) most CD’s had a Kali or the biggest platform Mplayer on them. So I bought a game, Big Red Racing, great racing game for its time but not the point. Point was it advertised...[Read More]

Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer Beta Trailer Review

Launching the COD WWII Multiplayer Beta Trailer a lightbulb went off. There’s actually real logical objectives now in the maps, awesome. I went back to the games I remember who do things like this, and realize, this game is a blast from the past. Why...[Read More]

Counter Strike History

A Brief, Probably Opinionated, Possibly True Story of the Tree Counter Strike came from The year is 1998, and Quake 2 is the successor to Quake 1 (duh), but the mod scene, a big component to both games, was still unmatured.  I personally bought Quake...[Read More]

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