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How to play games with someone who is constantly negative?

Have you been in this situation? One of your friends is constantly negative, maybe it is bitching, nagging, whatever, but it is definitely toxic and ruins the experience. I definitely have and I know someone who will be mad I wrote this, o well. That...[Read More]

Ranking the PUBG Clone Cell Phone Games

If you have been under a rock, PUBG was a huge hit. Ask Fortnite, ask Warframe, even moreso ask H1Z1 and the Culling. So naturally, some people would try to mimic on the cell phone, lots of them. So i took the liberty of identifying most of them and ...[Read More]

Aphasia Interview with MPLAYER-A QWTF Savior

Backstory: I (c0mmon) found Aphasia in the QWTF community and was instantly intrigued that maps were still being created for QWTF. Realized Aphasia was working hard to help others and keep new maps going as well as the community. It’s a difficult fig...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is tricky for us gamers

If you were under a rock: Star Wars Battlefront 2 set a glorious record.  Most Reddit downvotes ever: Star Wars community manager*not a dev* talked trash Either way at one point: It would take 5200 HOURS of playtime or $2700 to unlock all the content...[Read More]

VR is holding on for dear life.

VR is holding on for dear life. Does history repeat itself?  You could say yes and support it with a number of examples.  Here is one in the making: Virtual Reality gaming, in 1995, and there was a setup in every retail store where you could play Mar...[Read More]

MTA: Mr Green’s Racing Server Review

Mr Green’s is a two part server – Racing and Race Mix.  It is the best arcade racing on PC, period.  You might go, oh GTA V is better the physics are better, the maps are better, something.  But let me stop right there. GTASA has racing p...[Read More]

BF2, BF2142, BFH : 2005-2017 RIP – Revive Network Shut Down

Revive Network Shut Down BF2, and its peers, were in the process of coming back on the revive network.  They were creating a free alternative to play the Battlefield series online.  Gamespy died some time ago and left these great games in the dusk.  ...[Read More]

The case for a small community FPS game

Play PC games for awhile and you will see one common theme: all aboard the hype train. Whatever is the biggest game now will create the excitement that makes the masses join in.  Let’s give a list of some of the biggest PC fps hype trains in history ...[Read More]

Persistent Leveling in games and +skill loot boxes are pretty annoying.

Ever play a new Battlefield?  It now caters to a certain audience, engaged and dedicated.  Are you a casual Battlefield player?  Regardless if you are skilled you take a back seat to the engaged (even though you invested the same amount of money).   ...[Read More]

CIT2 Review – Multi Theft Auto

CIT2 ( is a very old and tenured server for Multi Theft Auto.  If I were to describe it: it is the best current attempt at a living and breathing world within a video game.  They patch this game nonstop and it has a huge player base.  I ...[Read More]

Why I Plan on Writing Multiple Reviews on GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas, probably one of the best games ever, and a staple of the Playstation 2.  I want to start with talking about how robust the sandbox offering is.  San Andreas is the product of having 10+ years of maturation from multiple people, and a...[Read More]

Message to Activision: COD’s commitment to nothing has said all it has to about its PC Port.

CODWW2 is a crappy console port.  Do I know this? No.  But can you argue that I am wrong? No.  This means I have a point. It’s not hard understand what PC gamers want, and it hasn’t changed in 10 years: Steady frame rate, let people adjust thin...[Read More]

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