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Spades Lingo

Sound like a Spades Pro We want to cover some of the jargon in Spades, so you can sound the part (even if you don’t necessarily play it well).  I’m not trying to cover the generic terms here, more of the ones that the old school pros might say....[Read More]

Message to the small developers releasing games this year

We are lucky to live in a day where small gaming companies are taking off with grand ideas.  They are executing and creating great games that we can play and really enjoy passionate ideas.  But many of them are having a failure at launch, and we hope...[Read More]

Interview with MidAir’s lead developer- BugsPray (Archetype Studios)

I wanted to interview the MidAir team, and bugged them repeatedly for months, so I hope it means as much to you as it did with me.  If you ask me they draw a lot of parallels with what we are trying to do. We loved something, we missed its presence, ...[Read More]

Instanced games need a shooting gallery

You have spawned near a beach, running towards the nearest town.  There, you spend 30 minutes scouring buildings, and lo and behold you found it: the AK-47.  This is your first time with this gun, something you have aspired to find, and you are ready...[Read More]

Abbreviated List of Battle Royale Games

I remember a number of MOBA games being launched, with eventually three surviving (Rip MxM, Infinite Crisis for example).  Now the King of the Hill, or whatever you want to call it – genre has gotten crowded quick, especially with games being a...[Read More]

Interview with HellBound Game Developer, Saibot Studios

In case you have no clue what HellBound is, it’s a new highly anticipated FPS game geared towards the classic 90’s style shoot’em ups. We reached out to Saibot Studios, the developers of HellBound to get a little more info on the ga...[Read More]

Interview with @PowerStoneWorld, seeking to revitalize PowerStone

C0mmon: back in the day I had a Dreamcast, I had purchased it – to be honest – due to the fact earlier models came with a chip (so you could download games). So I essentially had every single DreamCast game and learned it was an amazing system, espec...[Read More]

In Some Ways: Modern FPS’s have gone backwards

The more I am gaming, I realize how much I miss the way the older games were carried out for a few distinct reasons.  Figured I would put together my shortlist in a rant here: Pointless Tutorials– how many FPS’s are going to tell me that W is move fo...[Read More]

Dirty Bomb Review

Let’s start this off right:  Dirty Bomb was made by Splash Damage. I know splash damage well – they have made Quake 3 Fortress (awesome game I played a ton of), Brink (eh- but kinda good), Gears of War 4 (Good?), RTCW:ET. Why did I put RT...[Read More]

Mplayer Meme of the Month Recap – 2017

Big fan of meme’s – if no one noticed.    In this regard, wanted to end the year with a Recap of the meme’s of the month – Enjoy

Interesting Games For 2018

As I have been writing reviews of the past year I have realized one thing: Review sites take paychecks.  This is my personal opinion (not on behalf of Mplayer), but reviews and AAA budgets seem to have a correlation.  I can’t blame them or hate thoug...[Read More]

How to play games with someone who is constantly negative?

Have you been in this situation? One of your friends is constantly negative, maybe it is bitching, nagging, whatever, but it is definitely toxic and ruins the experience. I definitely have and I know someone who will be mad I wrote this, o well. That...[Read More]

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