Mirage: Arcane Warfare Review

Never woulda tried it, it was free on 9/6 though. Game was made by the makers of Chivalry, and tries to build on the formula.

Classes and loadouts, I don’t remember there names but these are the buckets

Then loadouts work like this:
Do you want the Longsword or the Mace (different characteristics of reach speed etc)
Do you want to hit the ground around you or throw a big ass spiked ball at people

So you get 2-3 weapons per person to pick from, and you get 3 skills, with an alternative of each one.

This kind of adds to the Chivalry, where it was people with swords swinging, now you can throw a fireball at someone and the guy can also parry it back to you. Makes the game much more frantic and depending on who you are that could be a good thing. You could be the support and fly up on the magic carpet and maybe shoot a beam that is similar to water at someone, but at its core it’s a “sword” fighting game with some bolt ons.

The movement is good, and the sword fighting is good. Chivalry is good at sword fighting and they didn’t really do anything innovative in that respect. They added some jumping on wall and pull up mechanics, they don’t feel as significant as the quaker in me would have liked though.

When I say bolt ons, it’s because there could be a 12 second cooldown on your 3 skills, so when it comes down to it outside of a few moments you are swordfighting. The skills feel all really meaningful for the most part though, such as the assassin MKScorpion type pull, which I found pretty fun.

Maybe that’s the problem, the bolt ons. This game out with a lot of hype and was quickly forgotten, and the community died. This prompted the give it away the 6th and lower the price. You have to commend the attempt to give it away and help the community get actual players. Will it sustain players? Chiv has ~1200 at any time, so let’s see-9/7 @ 5 they have almost 7000 playing Mirage, definitely breathed some life into it.

The balance can be an issue, especially because of the need to group up, and I was in a game where i was 5-5, a game I was 9-2, and a game i was 2-9, all back to back to back. This is due to balance issues, which are more of the teammates failing to group. You can play 4v (1x1x1x1) and the game will get really ugly quick. I don’t think with the map design and forcing you to play in areas that will change.

The maps are good overall however, and they force you to make decisions such as do I work to Capture point A vs the other team or point B. Also has a systematic capture some points and push the cart. All of this leads to the need for teamwork, and you will get stomped if you don’t work with others.

The graphics are notable in this game, as they are colorful, doing a decent job at branding, the maps look pretty cool also. They also added a lot of polish with the system for leveling, parties, and the whole nine. The UX is very very well done in this game which I did not expect. I made a couple levels in the game, it gave me cosmetic items like a different looking helmet, it’s a good system.

Overall, this is a pretty decent game you can have some good moments in. It builds on the Chivalry and tries to modernize everything and it in some respects wins and some respects fails. Sometimes you will get some great 1v1 battles, sometimes you will get spammed out between 6 people pushing Q. If you got it for free I recommend trying it – only a 5gb download, otherwise check steamspy if people are playing it in 2 weeks and find it around the $5 mark or when it shows up on Humblebundle soon enough (like Chivalry did).


  • Rewarding moments
  • Level Design
  • Menus
  • Innovative


  • Sometimes sloppy
  • Can get spammy
  • Not always balanced
  • Future playerbase unknown
  • Mod of chiv?


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