Gigabyte GK-FORCE K83 RED Review

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Gigabyte GK-FORCE K83 – Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard
So I have had my old keyboard for some time, and it was time to move. Most of my references will be inherently based off that. I had a older Rosewill Mechanical keyboard with Kahlil Brown switches. It served me well for quite some time and it will serve my closet well also.

So I get my new GK-Force with the Cherry MX Switches I hear so much about.  The Cherry MX Switches are much lighter, and are very smooth and very quiet compared to the old Kahlil switches.  It is an awesome feeling and makes you want to type or use it more. The key presses were so light I would occasionally double press, but I just enjoy the feeling of typing with it so much.

There is hype for a reason, this is how you should be gaming with quality mechanical switches that add feel.  I am typing this on an old membrane keyboard and it is immediately the definition of MEH.

So the Cherry MX Switch is the GOAT.  But why did I get this keyboard specifically there are 100’s of keyboards with good mechanical switches.

Click on the Amazon Link, its $40, thats it $40.  It’s the same price as a keyboard with cheap switches.  It has the majority of what you need – Full N-Key rollover, which means you can press all the keys at the same time.  But it’s still not like my old quake script where if you were strafing with A and you press D it will cancel A, they will just cancel themselves out.  It also has the “island-style” which helps you to keep it clean – more important than you may realize. The keycaps are also “wear resistant” – I don’t know but they seem quality.

This is however, $40 dollars for a reason – It doesn’t have all the stuff they try to sell you on, and honestly I do not mind.

  • No backlighting
  • No usb ports in the back (I wouldn’t use anyway)
  • The cord isn’t braided
  • There is no wrist rest – I think it could use one.

But the big plus to me is the form and function, look at this mess:

That keyboard is $150 dollars, has the same mechanical components, and looks awful.  The size of the Gigabyte is perfect, there is no huge land grabs on the keyboard. It could use a wrist rest as mentioned, but it has a perfect form so it doesn’t crowd up your mouse area while still having the keypad on the size.

This is a great keyboard, as it’s good enough at everything.  It’s a great typing keyboard, and its not embarrassing as the Razer Hyper-X Killshot Extreme or whatever funky lighted overmolded mess that is out there so you can bring it to work and no one will think you are weird.  It’s a great size for gaming, its great for typing, the form factor is great and it makes no sacrifice with the numpad. If you are looking for a $20 dollar keyboard Pony up and get this, if you are looking for an $80 keyboard buy this and a new game or something.  It is the closest thing to a one size fits all. You are getting a top of the line keyboard for the price of some cheap keyboard with a cool light show.


  • Cherry MX Red
  • Price
  • Size
  • N-Key Rollover
  • Design


  • No wrist pad
  • No lighting (good or bad)
  • Non-Braided cable
  • Overall some concessions with price


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