Fortnite Battle Royale Review


For starters, the battle royale genre has been dominated by Battlegrounds for the past months, taking the crown from H1Z1. However, recently Epic game has been causing a wave in the gaming world of battle royale with their new free to play competitor for their Fortnite series. Epics new Fortnite Battle Royale mode allows players on most consoles and PC to play the new game, free.

So, the game just went live today for all to play, so of course I downloaded it and got some decent hours of gameplay in. It’s freakishly quite similar to PUBG, but not entirely as Fortnite has some different mechanics to work with. The first thing one will notice is that Fortnite shares a similar third person perspective, same mapping style and a similar objective, be the last man/squad standing by the end of the match. Don’t forget the shrinking map size as well!

The one thing that really stands out as a major difference is the completely new art style. Fortnite rocks out a more cartoony feel, think overwatch or TF2. But it works for this game and Follows the Fortnite core game style. Some may like this style yet some may hate it, I for one think its suitable and its a bit easier on the CPU, killing off some of that PUBG video lag.

The loading system is a feature that most Battle Royale games have and Fortnite’s is no different. Once in game, all players start out with a battle axe and begin their looting journey before the fighting starts. This looting system is also similar to Battlegrounds which feature small arms, ammunition among other important items you will need during a gun fight with other players. Treasure chests are something new in this game and are identifiable with a shimmer sound of sorts to find where they are at.

Audio in Battlegrounds was pretty big and no doubt it also plays an important role in Fortnite as you will need to listen up for enemy footsteps, gunfire and other audio cues to help you locate the enemy. So you should really think about sound whoring in this game no doubt. Get those good headsets ready, you’re gonna need them.  Oh and remember that axe I said you start out with? That comes in hand when you need to start harvesting items like wood, metal, rock so you can build walls and other structures to assist you in winning the match. These items come in handy, so use them, because others will use them against you.

What kind of structures can you build? Well, look at the map, its pretty damn big, complete with large building, rivers etc. So why not build a ramp to get on the roof of a building? How about a bridge so you can cross the river? There are some good possibilities here. Or, you can be a little bitch and build a little fortified area to protect you. Just know that every part of the mpa is pretty much accessible as long as you use the tools given to you.

One of the cool things in this game is the weapon damage. The weapons are powerful and do a great deal of damage to not only other players but to the surroundings like buildings. It felt like I was playing F.E.A.R. on the PC from years ago, that game had some Matrix movie like gunfights and area damage. Pretty cool!

So to finish this up, both games are quite similar, but, with the building mechanics of Fortnite, it’s very possible that it will move on into a whole new direction from Battlegrounds. I don’t think however that Fortnite is a Battleground killer, but time will tell. Go grab it now and test it out, its free so, what do you got to lose!

Additional comments from c0mmon:

Fornite has some really smooth movement and great graphics.  But I miss the communication: there are no voice or text chat.  How am I gonna trash talk?   Building is pretty cool, and the inventory system is super easy, but it’s also very simplistic.  I look at a lot of cars in the game, can’t drive any.  The gun handling is pretty interesting, and the fights end up having a lot of chess moves in them.  But they mostly felt instanced to me.  Most of the time it was someone approaching me farming or vice versa.  The map is pretty small, and I guess due to no cars and the running speed it makes sense as I wasn’t seeing people at every corner.  Gun fights were fun, but not as rewarding as the other Battle Royale games.  I do like knocking down the walls however, I knocked one down to blast someone with the shotgun, was awesome.  This game has a ton of polish, and day 1 they did a really good job handling the 100x playerbase without a hitch, not an easy feat.  PUBG and KoTK are probably better, but not necessarily 30 dollars better.  If you have any interest at all you gotta try it, its fun.  


  • Good Graphics & Polished
  • Good Gameplay/movement
  • Spot on Audio
  • Little to no video lag
  • Building & destroy mechanic adds to the Royale Experience
  • Rookie Friendly


  • Similar to Pubg
  • Players use to Pubg will have a learning curve
  • Small Map
  • No Vehicle Support
  • No in game communication
  • basic invetory


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