Released in 1997 for the PC (and later the original PlayStation), Diablo is a dark, gothic-fantasy game blending RPG and elements from Arcade games, such as the original Gauntlet, to create a modern style of action-RPG where the player was often tangling with huge numbers of enemies at once.

The original game was known for endless mouse-clicking " hack and slash" action in a single dungeon consisting of 16 levels. The dungeon is located under the town of Tristram, a sparsely populated town which consists of 6 NPCs who serve primarily as shop keepers to buy and sell adventuring equipment to the PCs and give out the occasional quest. Critics of the game will point to this lack of interaction within the game and the focus on mouse-clicking, killing things and taking their stuff as weaknesses in the game, while fans of the game will point to these same elements as the core of the gameplay's lasting appeal. Owners of the game could create a "spawn" version for their friends to use. The spawned version was mostly an extensive demo.

Diablo was both popular and influential, spawning a number of sequels and spin-offs, including Diablo: Hellfire, a licensed add-on to the original game produced by Sierra Entertainment rather than the original development team of Blizzard North.

Finally the game spawned two direct sequels: Diablo II (which saw an official expansion created by Blizzard) and Diablo III.
Blizzard Entertainment
Release Date:
December 31, 1996
Players Online:
An isometric strategy RPG that takes place in and below the town of Tristram. Gothic fantasy weapons and spells are used to defeat hordes of monsters from hell through randomized dungeon levels, continuously gaining experience points, gold, and a variety of equipment to bolster the hero's monster-killing potency along the way. Play Now!