Dead by Daylight Review

Dead by Daylight kicked off a new genre of game, at least in a full term release respect. This is a 4v1 game, where 4 people (in third person) are attempting to complete tasks to escape from one person who picks a random killer. It has a few different maps, with their own nuances, and I believe they are randomly generated to an extent, or at least feel that way.

The first game I go in you feel it, I have my friend watching me via steam and he goes, this looks boring. But being in it you feel it, it’s cold the killer looks pretty intense and you try not to be caught. You sneak around to objectives, which are similar to, hold the +USE button near the engine, where a small minigame of timing pops up if you have taken too long. You eventually get a number of these, and you can escape through a door that opens. I am sneaking around, purely in crouch trying to hide, and its fun and it feels incredibly stealth. I eventually get caught, and get dragged to a hook where I sit. Someone comes and pulls me down, I felt like I was close to losing but now I am back running with a limp. There are health packs hidden in boxes, such as in the basement of a central location building. I am able to get one and I am back up.

I make this point because the map isn’t big, but kind of like a city the small distance is huge. There is a lot of ground for the killer to cover and only so much time. He ends up getting me again, I chased him through a series of walls and made the wrong turn, not turning around as I was too focused on escaping. He caught me, drug me over to the spiked thing again, and I rather quickly died.

After that per my friends request I tried the killers, and the Jason one. This is where I learned he was in first person mode. The killers all have specific skills, like a MOBA, which help them to catch people. I picked the rabbit guy, he lunged at people but has a pretty nasty cooldown if you miss. I had a team of 4 against me, well communicated. They had it setup so one person so I would chase him to no avail while the other 3 did objectives. I eventually used him after a while to fake like I was chasing him to switch to another, and turned the corner and got one. I was hellbent on finishing the job, regardless if the others won.

So I did the same trick as last time, faked like I was interested in something specific, and went on to turn the corner when they tried to free the person. I got him back on the hook a few seconds later and he died, it felt rewarding. The fact they were no longer to able to completely have me running after them like idiots. But time was of the essence and they had completed 3 of the 4 tasks (holding the button at the engine).

The door opened, and it became obvious where everyone was going. So I started camping the door obviously. One person slid by me and it really kinda upset me because I feel like I chopped him. Another person came by and caught him with the dash, which I then hooked him while the last person also ran out the door. So I failed, but I 2/4 failed at least and I can live with that.

I then played again as the survivors, implementing the strategy which wasted a lot of my time last game. There is an issue in the fact I believe the run speed is exactly the same for the survivors as the Killer. On top of being able to jump over some things as advisor and throw down items such as a palette to slow down the killer, if you plan your escape you should be confident in it. This helped the team to do their missions, and we won the round in 5 minutes (the other 2 games were ~12 minutes). All of a sudden in three games my hide be scared strategy turned into, you ain’t got nothing and I will prove it.

I had fun, and it was new enough of a genre to remain interesting, got a little bored after an hour and a half. But after I stopped playing I wanted to play it again, and that is this game in a nutshell. Nice little experience you can consume in small doses, which often goes on sale in the 10 dollar range (like the Humble Bundle right now). If you have some friends you can mic up with, I would recommend you go for it. There is a lot of replayability as long as you can remain creative or assign tasks to different people that are not repetitive.

They also have a leveling/skill system you can earn new skills and carry health packs among other things. This adds depth to the game and helps to drive the long term investment of it. It also may inbalance things but it is too early to be determined. Not something I am ready to touch on enough yet, but I get it.

This is a great game to play with friends for short spurts.


  • Something new
  • Maps are decent
  • Variety of Killers
  • Two distinct play styles
  • Player base


  • Some strategies too good
  • Don't be the 1x1x1x1 vs 4
  • Game Depth, made for short spurts


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