Quake Champions is coming- what to expect

With the Quake Champions Early Access coming, wanted to take a second to give people an expectation of what to expect before my review comes in. ZeRo4, household name for some time now. MOBA Influence- League of Legends has basically changed the gaming industry.  Remember in Quake 3 they tried to make this branding on the different characters, but they were all the same just looked different basic...[Read More]

TeamFortress History

The year was 1996, and if you were a PC Gamer and had internet (28.8) most CD’s had a Kali or the biggest platform Mplayer on them. So I bought a game, Big Red Racing, great racing game for its time but not the point. Point was it advertised as the place to play Multiplayer. I went on there and raced and it was a ton of fun but I was able to in the Mplayer client see this game...[Read More]

Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer Beta Trailer Review

Launching the COD WWII Multiplayer Beta Trailer a lightbulb went off. There’s actually real logical objectives now in the maps, awesome. I went back to the games I remember who do things like this, and realize, this game is a blast from the past. Why do I say this? Take RTCW(Return to Castle Wolfenstein) maps and COD2(or 1) gameplay, and two games from ?2003? Have led to the innovation that is tod...[Read More]

Counter Strike History

A Brief, Probably Opinionated, Possibly True Story of the Tree Counter Strike came from The year is 1998, and Quake 2 is the successor to Quake 1 (duh), but the mod scene, a big component to both games, was still unmatured.  I personally bought Quake 2 for Team Fortress 2, but then Valve games had bought TF2 and we were left with some weird class based ctf mod with jetpacks. One mod rose particula...[Read More]

Mplayer Updates Coming

We are always making updates to the Mplayer service to meet the demands of our members. We have a slew of new features coming to Mplayer within the next couple weeks that we feel are necessary to bring us further into the future. Be sure to keep checking back for the latest updates!

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