Abbreviated List of Battle Royale Games

I remember a number of MOBA games being launched, with eventually three surviving (Rip MxM, Infinite Crisis for example).  Now the King of the Hill, or whatever you want to call it – genre has gotten crowded quick, especially with games being able to create mods of it.  My list is I believe thorough but is probably missing one or two games.  If I am missing for any, please send a message in ...[Read More]

Interview with HellBound Game Developer, Saibot Studios

In case you have no clue what HellBound is, it’s a new highly anticipated FPS game geared towards the classic 90’s style shoot’em ups. We reached out to Saibot Studios, the developers of HellBound to get a little more info on the game and what we can expect. So, if you are a DOOM, Quake & Duke Nukem fan, then you may want to keep a close eye on the HellBound game. 1. Tell us ...[Read More]

Interview with @PowerStoneWorld, seeking to revitalize PowerStone

C0mmon: back in the day I had a Dreamcast, I had purchased it – to be honest – due to the fact earlier models came with a chip (so you could download games). So I essentially had every single DreamCast game and learned it was an amazing system, especially for Fighting games. It had everything from Street Fighter 3 to Soul Calibur toLast Blade 2 to one that really really stood out: PowerStone 2. Po...[Read More]

In Some Ways: Modern FPS’s have gone backwards

The more I am gaming, I realize how much I miss the way the older games were carried out for a few distinct reasons.  Figured I would put together my shortlist in a rant here: Pointless Tutorials– how many FPS’s are going to tell me that W is move forward, and that I move the mouse to aim and click to shoot?   My attention span is short get to the meat. Hit Beeps – some games have hit beeps, but i...[Read More]

Dirty Bomb Review

Let’s start this off right:  Dirty Bomb was made by Splash Damage. I know splash damage well – they have made Quake 3 Fortress (awesome game I played a ton of), Brink (eh- but kinda good), Gears of War 4 (Good?), RTCW:ET. Why did I put RTCW:ET last?  Because if you ask me Dirty Bomb is the spiritual successor to RTCW:ET.  Take RTCW, take its game modes, and then modify it to be more mo...[Read More]

Mplayer Meme of the Month Recap – 2017

Big fan of meme’s – if no one noticed.    In this regard, wanted to end the year with a Recap of the meme’s of the month – Enjoy

Interesting Games For 2018

As I have been writing reviews of the past year I have realized one thing: Review sites take paychecks.  This is my personal opinion (not on behalf of Mplayer), but reviews and AAA budgets seem to have a correlation.  I can’t blame them or hate though, as how many banner ads are you realistically clicking to support them?   But my point is, nobody is gifting me any games (Other than Midair –...[Read More]

How to play games with someone who is constantly negative?

Have you been in this situation? One of your friends is constantly negative, maybe it is bitching, nagging, whatever, but it is definitely toxic and ruins the experience. I definitely have and I know someone who will be mad I wrote this, o well. That person who nags, who blames you for performance, who expects you to know what you should do for them although they didn’t ask, the person who c...[Read More]

Ranking the PUBG Clone Cell Phone Games

If you have been under a rock, PUBG was a huge hit. Ask Fortnite, ask Warframe, even moreso ask H1Z1 and the Culling. So naturally, some people would try to mimic on the cell phone, lots of them. So i took the liberty of identifying most of them and wrote brief reviews to save you time. I want to point out the que time in these games are very small (surprisingly).   X: EXILE Battle ROYALE- la...[Read More]

Aphasia Interview with MPLAYER-A QWTF Savior

Backstory: I (c0mmon) found Aphasia in the QWTF community and was instantly intrigued that maps were still being created for QWTF. Realized Aphasia was working hard to help others and keep new maps going as well as the community. It’s a difficult fight and it deserves respect, as many gamers go unsung fighting for their favorite games. Q: C0mmon – What is your website? A: Aphasia – My ...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is tricky for us gamers

If you were under a rock: Star Wars Battlefront 2 set a glorious record.  Most Reddit downvotes ever: Star Wars community manager*not a dev* talked trash Either way at one point: It would take 5200 HOURS of playtime or $2700 to unlock all the content in this game, mainly because of how huge the paywall is. This was after already decreasing the time it would take to unlock everything. Go find the E...[Read More]

VR is holding on for dear life.

VR is holding on for dear life. Does history repeat itself?  You could say yes and support it with a number of examples.  Here is one in the making: Virtual Reality gaming, in 1995, and there was a setup in every retail store where you could play Mario Tennis.  It was cool, it was one of the few times you would really feel the depth of 3D in 1995.  Let me just show you the other one for transparen...[Read More]

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