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Heard of Zowie as a non-monitor company?  Its a legit gaming brand that many professional CS/OW/Whatever FPS gamers use.  Typically in that rung its the Zowie EC2-B and the Deathadder.  I wanted a new mouse, I had a Logitech g402 that when you lifted it it would spin your guy 180 degrees, time to go.  Was a solid mouse for the 3 years I had it.  So proof points said Deathadder (which I have had before) or Zowie, and the Zowie was new and looked like the best mouse ever made: The Intellimouse Explorer 3.0.   PRO TIP: The EC Mouse series has different sizes, mine was the Medium.

BenQ EC2-B SizeOne of the things I love about this mouse, everyone is – 12000000000DPI superhuman tracking blah blah blah.  Pro Tip: None of you are that accurate and you should be playing at Low DPI.  You have 2 options – DPI (up to 3200) and Polling (up to 1000hz).  Gotta love this, no shiney crap just a good mouse.  No bright neon RGB lighting profiles, no corny Target with a skull 420noskopeK bs, just a legit gaming mouse.  Gotta respect the fact they didn’t go for the corny BestBuy marketing tactics.  It’s a right handed non-flashy non-stupid features mouse made for real gamers.  Just like all my articles, except i’m a lefty by nature.

Zowie EC2-B Packaging


But in the same respect, I think I like it but the material feels cheap, cheap plastic mouse.  The cord is not braided but it’s a very pliable material, better than Logitech’s at not being intrusive.

I started using the mouse and immediately went – wow this plastic feels cheap.  It did feel cheap.  The packaging was nice, and it came with like 4? Sets of extra teflon feet.  But I hop into game, just had to turn down the sensitivity a little and I went into Overwatch for character diversity.  First champ McCree, it’s a champ that relies on aim.  47% aim and I started off a little shaky, that’s good.  Then I went Widow (Sniper) 74% accurate(funny how its inverse) and I was just destroying people.  I’m not typically a good sniper.  Then I went Soldier to see rocket launchers and such – 60% accuracy and I could calculate angles and was comfortable enough to completely carry.   This mouse performed really really well, I was sold.  

In fact it made me want to play FPS’s more, as this is primarily made for FPS’s instead of my one size fits all Logitech.  The side button is not the greatest, but it works, the mouse wheel is not as fancy and a little stiff, but I like it.  I like to get comfortable with my mouse but not too comfortable because then I get lazy.  This bridges that gap and makes you conscious of what you are doing without also straining your brain because you aren’t used to the mouse.

I saw a gaming mouse review website give  this a 6/10.  I guess that’s what happens when you judge everything on a spreadsheet, when you’re looking for a sensor that supports 10,000DPI.  The same person also voted Far Cry 5 as the most exciting FPS to come out (No credibility).  If you are a gamer, 800DPI is the best, and most modern gaming mice are great at 800DPI.  So buy the one that feels good in your hand, and this one has a great shape, to me.


  • Accuracy
  • Shape
  • Quality
  • Purpose Built
  • Not Flashy
  • Great Lift Control
  • Saves on board


  • Plastics used
  • Expensive ($69)
  • Only right handed
  • Eh on the side button
  • Naming nomenclature might confuse you - EC2A EC2B EC1A - etc


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