MPLAYER is committed to transforming the community aspect of online parlor games.  We are working with online tournament leagues, to provide a modernized platform that can enhance the social experiences of card games, as it is by nature a social event.

We look to create open-armed gaming communities and providing opportunities to make new friends and have fun with your existing ones.  On MPLAYER, can you play spades online free with other people, with other games to follow such as Euchre and Backgammon.

We are currently focused on expanding our offerings for our free-to-play online Spades community.  We have an active online spades community right now playing online spades tournaments, but we are looking to help them by developing our own in-house Spades Tournaments online.  We already offer the ability to create lobbies, add and message friends, and chat on the microphone, customize your avatar, and more.  We are hoping to encompass all of our technologies into the best place to play spades online or join in a spades tournament online.

We hope to stand out for the fact we require members to signup to play (no more GUEST2342342342 partners) and are a lobby based system with high-quality voice chat.  This should help for friends to play together and to meet and develop long-lasting relationships.  Our Spades-A-Holics community just celebrated its 20th anniversary for example, and our Down N Durty Community is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary.  You will meet true friends in spades, I say that in all sincerity our members are great and helpful people.

Play Spades Online:

Whether you are used to MSN games spades free platform, or pogo free spades, or yahoo spades card games, among others – we hope and expect you will appreciate MPLAYER and notice it is looking to bring modern technology.  You don’t want to play spades vs computer, you want to play online spades with friends.  This is where to play spades online – stay and support us through our growth and development.


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