2018 MEMES 1/2 Year Review and Awards

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Preview of our Yearly MEME Calendar

I work hard on the meme of the month Calendar.  I have to comb through all the funny memes site, use stuff off meme generator, create my own meme’s even.

Memes are everywhere.  Many are funny memes, many provide context to news.  One example would be the EU ban on memes which became a meme.  The evolution this year has been in contextual memes, with one of the greatest examples of that being Is This a Pigeon?  The meme of the month in may. Memes also evolved to general subject matter Such as the Avengers Dust meme or related the Thanos memes.

 And for the first ever MEME AWARDS:

memes award

    • Best Month: January – This month had Ugandan Knuckles, somebody touched my sphaget, Tide Pods, and of course Logan Paul.
    • Most Popular meme: This year’s memes have been extremely bunched and then few and far between.  Due to the way it worked: Is This a Pigeon? Wins easily.
    • Best meme subject: Zucc
    • Most Versatile: Car Salesman “Slaps Roof of Car” – you can do anything with this.  Zucc takes second place: robot, lizard, and amateur at drinking water or having human emotions.
    • Most Underrated: Very cool Kanye, very cool.  The tweet by Donald Trump acknowledging his rant about Dragon Energy.
    • Most Annoying: I created this simply for the Apple is this a computer girl.
    • Honorable Mention: Love him or hate him, it has to be Trump.  How many memes can one person produce?
    • Strangest Meme: Just to flex Shrek.  He finds a place in the meme world every year.
    • Worst Meme: Yeet – congrats you found something you can implant the word Yeet into.
    • Ongoing Meme: Despacito 2, it just needs to happen.

So with all the windup, please pay witness to the meme of the year calendar, ½ year edition.  This is the most robust dank and normie relevant meme encyclopedia existing, so please enjoy this took a team of helpers so far.

funny memes dank memes

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