Spades Lingo

Sound like a Spades Pro

We want to cover some of the jargon in Spades, so you can sound the part (even if you don’t necessarily play it well).  I’m not trying to cover the generic terms here, more of the ones that the old school pros might say.  Are you going to fake it until you make it with this?  Maybe.

Game setup

Game setup is based off the most powerful cards in the game

Joker, Joker, Deuce

King High, No Jokers – when you here this things got real.  Bring your A game.

Joker, Joker, Ace

Walking the plank – the bidding process


Mississippi – the majority of your cards are a single suit, and typically this is not Spades

Phone Number – Heavy on number cards (could also be a subset of this – such as Calling Jimmy)

Red Army – almost every card is red (could also be the a Marxists reference)

There are 13 books to be hard you are betting on between the table of 4

Dime: The team wins 10 out of 13 books

Flight: Actually bidding 10

Boston: Team wins 13 out of 13 books

Shooting: Actually bidding 13

Set: You overbid (say you bid 6 and you hit 5)

Sandbag: You were too conservative with your bidding (got 6 bid 5)

Moves made:

Bad-Ass (card name) or Boss (card name) Walking the table- the highest remaining card in the Suit (typically jack and down) – (example: Bad-ass 7 walking the table) – won the book with a 7.

Trump: Play a spade when a non-spade was played

1996 - infinity. The ringer in every spades tournament.

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