Small Devs: Here’s some Tips

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We are lucky to live in a day where small gaming companies are taking off with grand ideas.  They are executing and creating great games that we can play and really enjoy passionate ideas.  But many of them are having a failure at launch, and we hope to create a wrapper for why to help in the future.

My inspiration came from when my friend downloaded a Space Shooter recently, and I recall from it’s instance it did not have Joystick support.  No Joystick support on day 1, how are you capturing your potential core audience.

People write things off for years, public perception is a difficult thing to fix.  And in the gaming world, the next big thing comes. The War Z could make the best game ever, you still remember what that team did to fleece people.  You need to capture the moment:

So here are some guidelines to help your small company have a good launch:

  1. Promote: Your team needs a marketing/brand development person.  As many companies are founded by highly technical people, they end up functioning with the build it and they will come approach.  You need brand awareness, you need meme’s. Build your brand alongside of building the game, because one hand feeds the other.
  2. Don’t rush: Quoting Eminem “you only get one shot to blow” – your first impression matters greatly, don’t release the product if people will be deleting it.  Be realistic about the chances people will revisit your game. The market is saturated and the new it comes out every 2 weeks
  3. Multiply your touch points: Touching on A, the world is now dominated by social influencers, the streamers, the youtube people, forum owners, etc.  Engage people and recruit champions that will build your brand. You need to find ways to work with more resources than you can have.
  4. Have a strong, researched position up-front: Flying by the seat of your pants is hit or miss, take your time, segment your market, understand your customers, and make the product for them.  You won’t have every answer, but if you have your principles defined at least you can guide yourself through rocky waters.
  5. Remember it is a business: Passion drives projects, but business keeps them alive.  Have a sense of urgency, have a purpose to what you do. Make it count and maximize your time.  
  6. Don’t prematurely build the Hype Train: I have seen many games get all of their press coverage months before release, to when they actually release the hype is over.  Yo need to strike at its peak. Traditional business says you start off in its infancy and grow towards a mature company. However, in gaming, you have to start at the center and fight not to hit the ground.  Best example of this: CS:GO

I am not going to pretend any of my suggestions are easy to implement, but who said being an Entrepreneur is easy? If you would like to chat about this, please feel free to reach out to us.

Please refer to this classic story about someone not correctly researching their market, business 101.

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