Interview with BugSpray – Lead Dev of MidAir

I wanted to interview the MidAir team, and bugged them repeatedly for months, so I hope it means as much to you as it did with me.  If you ask me they draw a lot of parallels with what we are trying to do. We loved something, we missed its presence, and we want to bring it back.  They have the right people for the job, and I wanted to lead off with a narrative to BugsPray, their lead developer. I think this shows how much this game means.  It may not fit into the rest of the context but its important nonetheless.

BugsPray: When I was a kid I had been playing Starsiege: Tribes a ton. When I heard about Tribes 2 I was really looking forward to it. My parents wanted to give it to me for my birthday except it wasn’t released yet. They ended up finding one of the Tribes 2 marketing images of one of the characters and printed it using early printer
technology onto the t-shirt. It disintegrated quickly in a couple washes but I definitely remember that birthday!

He played Tribes with his Father, how can you not love that

Tell us about your project

BugsPray: We’ve just released Midair which is a fast-paced jetpack shooter for the PC that is built around aerial combat and large-scale teamwork. Midair has jetpacks, super-fast movement on the ground that we call “skiing”, lots of customization options. With plenty of weapons, abilities, armor types, vehicles, and more you can pick and choose how you play. We’re a small indie team but we’re building a game we love to play and are super excited for everyone to try it out!

What made you decide to take this on?

BugsPray:  We’re huge fans of the jetpack shooter genre and thought there was an opportunity to make our mark in it. Most members of the team are long-time jetpack shooter fans. We’ve spent the last four years building Midair with a team that has grown because of volunteers who truly believe in Midair’s vision.

Tell us about your experiences with Tribes

BugsPray:  We’re definitely inspired by the genre that Tribes created. We’re avid fans of the series and that comes out in what we’ve done. Personally, I started playing Tribes in 1998 and have played ever since.

What makes Midair great?

BugsPray: What makes Midair great is the feeling you get when jetpacking into the air on a beautifully crafted environment. There’s nothing like it. We’ve spent tons of time making sure the feeling of the movement just fits and when you see the sweeping landscape in front of you it’s simultaneously awesome and frightening because you need to figure out where to land next to keep your momentum and not crater! Combine that with a weapons system we’ve taken a ton of time to perfect and polish and you’ll get a shooter that creates some pretty fun and surreal experiences. After you’ve mastered the movement and the weapons, there’s plenty more to explore with defending and attacking bases, piloting multi-person vehicles in CTF, and a lot more.

You promoted via Kickstarter, tell us about how that went?

BugsPray: Kickstarter was great! We had a lot of very generous people agree with us on our vision for the game. It allowed us to confirm the ideas we had in Midair were worth pursuing and gave us the financial backing we needed to make it to release!

What’s your favorite weapon in Midair

BugsPray: My favorite right now is an unreleased weapon that is in its final moments of development, but if I had to choose one that’s in the game now… Probably the blaster. I think it’s super fun because it has a pretty high damage rate when you’re rapid-firing but also has a cool charge mechanic that lets you charge up multiple shots for a shot-gun burst. I also like the WARDEN because it just looks cool and saps people’s energy. Ok that’s three weapons…


How has the Tribes community embraced the game?

BugsPray: We’ve had a mixed reaction but overall it’s been fairly positive. There are several Tribes games out there and not everyone carried on to the next, so you get a pretty split community if you’re lumping all Tribes players together. In general we think we’ve hit a good sweet spot in several areas and believe Midair brings more to the table that experienced players in the genre can sink their teeth into.

How does one get involved?

BugsPray: If you’re interested in Midair and want to help, send us an email at!

Tell us about some of the new innovations and ways you test the boundaries of the genre.

BugsPray: We spent a lot of time making sure everything just feels good. That means building the physics, networking, and more from the ground up. That’s a huge part of a shooter is making the game feel crisp when you’re moving and shooting.

We’ve given control 100% to the player on how to build their own classes. On top of that we’ve added a Packs and Augments system that lets you customize different abilities and perks to fully customize the way you want to play.

We’ve also given special love to attacking and defending base objectives and their related roles. Take down the enemy base assets to keep the enemy on their toes and make it easier for your team to get the flag home. To counter the enemy assault you need to keep some folks on defense to build, repair, and defend

1v1, me or you, who wins

BugsPray: Me. Unequivocally. Once you play for a couple days it’ll be you. But for now, me.

***FYI a couple days have long past 😊***

Generics: PVP, vehicles, bases, jetpacks, skiing, speed, classes,  FPS-Z

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