Instanced games need a shooting gallery

You have spawned near a beach, running towards the nearest town.  There, you spend 30 minutes scouring buildings, and lo and behold you found it: the AK-47.  This is your first time with this gun, something you have aspired to find, and you are ready to use it.  You walk out of the building and you have been tracked– suppressive fire incoming.  You escape around the corner, ready to return fire.  Peaking out you fire, and you miss, and the person tracking you doesn’t miss, ending your session.  The build up, the hype, the moment, all lost.

Was it your fault, yes and no.  You never used the AK-47 before, and it has been hours of gameplay before you got the chance.  But when you got the chance, you only had a brief moment to learn its mechanics. This is how games are setting you up now, a big buildup that you are not prepared for.

There is only one answer to this: shooting galleries.  We need an area to try out the guns, and understand their nuances.  So many of today’s games have instanced perma death, and no consistency to your arsenal.  Whether it is DayZ, Rust, PUBG, Fortnite, ARK, or any of the other games that fall under this criteria.  Let us use the weapons let us experiment.

I don’t want to write the story about superior firepower losing to someones comfort level.  I want to write the story of superior firepower combined with skill leading to success. Let us shoot some targets, the wall, anything – without spending hours to earn the chance to fire.

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