In Some Ways: Modern FPS’s have gone backwards

The more I am gaming, I realize how much I miss the way the older games were carried out for a few distinct reasons.  Figured I would put together my shortlist in a rant here:

  1. Pointless Tutorials– how many FPS’s are going to tell me that W is move forward, and that I move the mouse to aim and click to shoot?   My attention span is short get to the meat.
  2. Hit Beeps – some games have hit beeps, but it seems like Quake3 Mastered it.  Why have all the beeps gone downhill?  Games now are hiring social scientists to make sound, yet the Beeps suck (I like beeps a lot).
  3. Less Focus on Feel:  Cool skins, New Unlocks, all good and I like them all – but the older games main priority was the way the engine felt, the movement felt.  In a sense the graphics weren’t as good, and the consumerism wasn’t as good so they were forced to get back to the basics.  But master the basics first and let the rest follow.  S/O to OverWatch they have a few characters which feel good.
  4. Newb Default Settings – and yes the old games were guilty of this, but it should have been addressed by now.  Why do I gotta put in a command line, why does the game have fov75 by default and 5 types of blurring enabled.  Why is everything so tailored to customization still to have a competitive worthy config?
  5. Poor Responses to cheaters – I tried playing CSGO and TF2 Ranked last week.  It was impossible – there was at least one cheater in every game.  The responses to this are not appropriate, either they are not investing enough or don’t care.  Put someone on the inside have them install the cheats, it should be easy to recognize them as it’s easy for gamers to find them apparently.  This could be due to the huge communities where nobody knows each other, so you can fade off into the sunset after cheating your way to Diamond rank.
  6. Instanced Matchmaking with smaller player counts.  One of my favorite games switched from 100% server based to matchmaking.  Problem is, it has like 1500 players.  Suddenly what went from pick a game and enter is now – wait for 3 minutes in a que.  Then on top of the 3 minutes if the teams were imbalanced the games were 5 minutes – 42% of your time is in a stupid que.
    A.  This leads to the other problem, sometimes I just want to play a game – why has it become so difficult to just instantly play a game.
  7. Lack of Robust Console – back in the day, if you wanted FOV 110 in Quake, you would go in console and Type “FOV 110” very intuitive.  Now everything is GUI based – and you have to navigate all these menus to find it.  While it is prettier it doesn’t do the job.
    A. This leads to a second problem, and that’s being as specific as you want to with inputs.  Maybe you want your mouse sensitivity 2.674243
    i. In quake” `(tilde) Sensitivity 2.67424
    ii. In modern fps – Adjust slide bar to 2.6(6-8) it can be difficult to get granular.
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  1. I agree with this. The games have gone backwards. But as for the matchmaking part they have done a very bad job of it. You may have ELO’s that are 2000 and then the rest of the team is 1500 and below. Next thing you know the higher elo people are stacking tyhe teams and voting and voting until all the high elo is on one team and all the low elo are one the other. This happens a lot too. Some old timers in Quake Live that use to play RA# are still around and they have fun mixing up the teams. But most of the new do called pro players are real assholes. This is a problem and needs to be addressed. Makes a lot of these FPS games more hated by n00bs . I have been playing on line since 1996 and I think I know a little.


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