Dirty Bomb Review

Let’s start this off right:  Dirty Bomb was made by Splash Damage. I know splash damage well – they have made Quake 3 Fortress (awesome game I played a ton of), Brink (eh- but kinda good), Gears of War 4 (Good?), RTCW:ET.

Why did I put RTCW:ET last?  Because if you ask me Dirty Bomb is the spiritual successor to RTCW:ET.  Take RTCW, take its game modes, and then modify it to be more modern.  What does modern mean?  Instead of spy and different classes you have branded players.  Instead of progression in-game you get persistent card loadouts that make your person better/different.  Difficult review for me as I played since beta and knew what the game was before it was released.

Time to back up again: So this is a PVP shooter, highly accurate weapons, high speed, typically offense vs defense in different categories.  You can wall jump which is cool, it has iron sights which make the weapons even more accurate, you can take a few shots before you die.  It is very polished, and it’s free, and the only real imba is your skill level.  It’s based in London, and I guess I can say: sure why not – the maps don’t really resonate with London, but I can see i’ve seen their stream numerous times, they are British for certain.

They moved from fully server based to a que up for 6v6 matches or competitive.  6v6 matches are one round, competitive is traditional RTCW style (Stopwatch).  Stopwatch is a great mode, and while I haven’t played competitive yet I look forward to it.  Que can be >2 minutes, so it’s a little long but tolerable, so the question arises on how the game is going to increase player base.

Maybe you are repairing a Satellite, maybe you are fixing a vehicle – which you will have to stand near to push to the next objective.  You are always tasked with something in Dirty Bomb and it’s a good thing.  Maps have multiple objectives, which keep things going and switch it up mid match.  The maps have all been designed to take advantage of the wall jumps and overall speed, you need to figure out how to utilize them to really do your best.

This game rewards teamwork more than most arcade shooters like this, and that’s a strong point to mention.  When you stick together, you will accomplish a lot more, however the speed will try to push you to run crazy and try to shotgun people in the head – as thats fun also.

Pretty much every review calls it a mix between TF2 and Call of Duty.  I guess they aren’t wrong if you don’t know history.  It has the loadouts like TF2 and advanced branding on TF2 (Characters are like Proxy and Fragger) and the gunplay is similar to COD.  It’s a good balance and it has good speed.  As far as F2P goes this is in the bottom of the top tier of games, extremely respectable – really good just missing that something to be great.  I don’t know what it’s missing because it has everything, but it’s not yet great – it’s extremely good.

Player Selection

19 Mercs, and it ranges in duties from Healing to Spamming to Scouting.  Champs that use shotguns, SMG’s, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Bolt Action, Huge Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers.  You can lay shields, ammo stations, health stations, sensors that spot players, a sentry gun.  This game has variance, and you pick three champs to run at a time.  So you can switch per death, and try to fill your teams voids, put something together and crush the opponent.  



///Steamcharts here




  • Fun
  • Fast
  • Polished
  • Free


  • Missing something
  • Not for everyone
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