Interesting Games For 2018

As I have been writing reviews of the past year I have realized one thing: Review sites take paychecks.  This is my personal opinion (not on behalf of Mplayer), but reviews and AAA budgets seem to have a correlation.  I can’t blame them or hate though, as how many banner ads are you realistically clicking to support them?  

But my point is, nobody is gifting me any games (Other than Midair – Thanks Chris), and my influence is not for sale.  With the year to come, I wanted to point out the games I have interest in as an oldschool FPS guy.


Dusk looks like quake to me, and just came out with DuskWorld to some.  I think when I say the phrase DuskWorld, the people made for this game should have all the information they need.  It goes on the list as i’m not a big single player gamer and DuskWorld is not out to everyone yet (i think).  This is #1 on my list, hoping it has some great mods.


Yes they gave me a copy, but it was because I was begging for it.  MidAir is a spiritual successor to the Tribes Genre, headed up by a person who already made one of the Tribes.  If you like Jetpacks shooting discs and freedom of movement, dope game.

Sea of Theives

First AAA game on the list, something with a ship full of people shooting at another ship full of people and random pirate stuff. Hopefully this doesn’t end up grindy

MechWarrior 5

Wasn’t a big mechwarrior fan when it first came out, but its grown on me.  I think when you consider the fact they have been working on MechWarrior online for some time, they have had to build up some significant competency to make a great game.

Battalion 1944

I learned about this last week, this is a WW2 Based game focused on competitive play.  It’s fast and looks like a more arcadish throwback to the original COD’s.

Mount and Blade 2

You should really buy Mount and Blade Warband now,  if you are asking why or need an explanation.

Overkill’s the Walking Dead

I think it will be a safe game ( they won’t mess it up).  I liked PayDay, I liked Left4Dead, I don’t watch the TV show but think this should still be a solid game.

Cyberpunk 2077

need a single player game for the list, and this is the real one we need.  Will it come out this year?  Who knows?  Will it come out 2021?  Who knows?  But it’s by default good – made by the Witcher team.  

Honorable Mention: DayZ

While many people wrote them off as they have been in Early Access for YEARS, they are still working hard and I think one day will have a notable release.

In the comments please leave the games you are looking forward to:

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