How to play games with someone who is constantly negative?

Have you been in this situation? One of your friends is constantly negative, maybe it is bitching, nagging, whatever, but it is definitely toxic and ruins the experience. I definitely have and I know someone who will be mad I wrote this, o well. That person who nags, who blames you for performance, who expects you to know what you should do for them although they didn’t ask, the person who complains at will. Being negative will hurt your life, your lifespan, your ability to meet people, your ability to do better financially. Don’t let them drown you because it will carry over, so I wanted to put some steps to help manage it.

  1. Let them know you do not appreciate negative behavior
    Honesty is always the best policy, this may not work but you need to at least be honest they are being too negative and it is ruining your experience.
  2. Set Expectations/Set Boundaries
    Leave less room to bitch, when going in things are expected of you
  3. Find the Right Games to Play
    Maybe certain type of games (such as MOBA) provoke bitching, stop playing MOBA’s play something less involved.
  4. Choose your battles
    Go look up a meme about arguing on the internet, will say all you need to know
  5. Fill the room with positive friends
    Don’t give them the chance to nag or bitch, fill the room with people who are upbeat.
  6. Cut the game session short sometimes
    Sometimes it’s best to just keep your distance for your own health
  7. Focus on your own energy and detune it
    Stop listening – just be above the bs.

Don’t let these people get to you, positivity is a good character trait which many seek to corrupt. Gaming was solely designed for enjoyment and freedom from the stressors of life, if you aren’t enjoying yourself it really lacks purpose.

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