Ranking the PUBG Clone Cell Phone Games

If you have been under a rock, PUBG was a huge hit. Ask Fortnite, ask Warframe, even moreso ask H1Z1 and the Culling. So naturally, some people would try to mimic on the cell phone, lots of them. So i took the liberty of identifying most of them and wrote brief reviews to save you time. I want to point out the que time in these games are very small (surprisingly).


X: EXILE Battle ROYALE- launched got into the helicopter environment, controls seemed well and a possible competitor to the best one imo, Rules of Survival. Launched me into a large well put together map, with 3 people. No point in PUBG with 3 people. IGNORE but promise?

3. Last Battleground: Survival – It’s obvious out the gate this is pretty chinese game. There are a max of 40 players per map, good but not the level of #1. It doesn’t have punch, so you start with a basic pistol and 1 clip, makes it kind of interesting if you spawn into a contested spot. It’s a pretty good game, I have a fairly high KDA, but it’s not the best, it’s the second best that is marked as third as rules of Survival is extremely close in feel.

2. Grand Battle Royale
This is probably not the second best game, but it gets 2nd because it’s different. It has one advantage, it runs really really smooth server side. It has no interiors and the map is smaller and there are only 20 players, but it’s the smoothest multiplayer shooting game on the cell-phone i’ve ever played oddly enough. The physics are arcadish and not bad, and the map has a decent amount of vertical buildings to make it interesting and people will come at you from all angles. It’s better than expected

  1. Rules of Survival – This was a good game, I actually wrecked some people (5 kills in my second go around). This game will feel very familiar if you played PUBG, supports 120 players per server and I had some fun blasting people. You start choosing your parachute spot gather weapons and eventually the map shrinks. This game is actually fairly polished and appears to have no cash shop advantages. If you are going to play a PUBG game this is it. It will feel like a blatant ripoff at times, and that’s a good thing. They are patching this game alot, which is a good sign, and you can find 120 players in a minute or so. The server is a North America server, can’t 100% say that about the others, and the chat room looks like a bad Korean mmo (free gold 4000 message).

I was wrecking people (look at all the blue boxes(crates))

FYI Rules of Survival makers have another PUBG Game called Survivor Royale. You can just ignore that one.

Overall, this genre terrible on a cell phone like I thought it would be. Rules of Survival is actually a quality game with some potential. I ended up deleting all but RoS and will play it occasionally, it does give you your PUBG fix.

I played these all on a ZTE Axon 7, which I call the Nike Air Kim Jong Un(ZTE got in a lot of trouble for selling to NK). Snapdragon 820 phone.

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