Star Wars Battlefront 2 is tricky for us gamers

If you were under a rock: Star Wars Battlefront 2 set a glorious record.  Most Reddit downvotes ever:

Star Wars community manager*not a dev* talked trash

Either way at one point: It would take 5200 HOURS of playtime or $2700 to unlock all the content in this game, mainly because of how huge the paywall is. This was after already decreasing the time it would take to unlock everything. Go find the EA hatred meme’s, they were an easy way to get upvotes earlier this week. I even made one

So EA Finally listened after getting wrecked:

It was so bad at one point the number to cancel was on their website, they got the just people were pissed.  But then this picture came out and it reeled people in, and some people are buying the game because they now listen to their consumers.  People were saying on twitter they are losing money by getting rid of microtransactions, and that was a great move by them.

Let’s get this right: They had no choice and they gained money from getting rid of it.  Microtransactions were costing sales of the game in general as people were cancelling and the majority was refusing to pay anyway.  

So here’s where the morality comes in: I almost think sales will increase because they demonstrated they listened to the gamers.  But that is a double edge sword, what if you are teaching EA how sensitive gamers are to paywalls, and helping them to push the envelope as far as possible.  Think about it: all the attention they got, good and bad, ending as good.  They could potentially benefit from being the most downvoted game in history.  Do you want to reward them for poking the bear?  Do you want to them to show they can reel in BS and you will reward them for it?  

Star Wars Battlefront 2 open beta was great, it’s really really hard to argue that it wasn’t.  This is a solid game and is a potential buy at $80 as it does come with all the DLC’s.  

I don’t want to tell you right or wrong, but just hear me out with this:  If you will adjust the sensitivity of their ability to extract money from you, they will eventually find the optimum amount of money they can make from you.  Every single game they make could potentially be optimized so you cannot complain about microtransactions but they will just broken enough.  Do you want to be a valued player or a player associated with a monetary value?  It’s a tough situation being a good people like myself actually do want to play, do I try to decypher what morality or do I just decide if I just want to buy and play it.

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