VR is holding on for dear life.

VR is holding on for dear life.

Does history repeat itself?  You could say yes and support it with a number of examples.  Here is one in the making:

Virtual Reality gaming, in 1995, and there was a setup in every retail store where you could play Mario Tennis.  It was cool, it was one of the few times you would really feel the depth of 3D in 1995.  Let me just show you the other one for transparency:

Time traveller again really cool and extremely unique, but it was never the most popular game at the arcade.  In fact it’s funny they call it laserdisc, almost symbolic: as Laserdisc is a comparison for technology failures and the laserdisc was creating Virtual Reality.

So what is different now a days?  Not as much as you want to think.  Maybe Semiconductors are better and we have better graphics, but it is still comes down to someone spending an incredible amount of money to get a niche product.  This is a niche product, and it’s a failure.  Look at all the games that come out, maybe you find one example that contradicts me but they are all subset games.  Here is a shooter, but it’s like one game mode from a traditional 60 dollar game.  Or here is a small minigame, its all ticky tacky.  Elder Scrolls VR, sounds look, does not look it though, please do not.  It’s not because game developers aren’t putting effort into VR, it’s because VR isn’t worth putting effort to.

The headsets have been getting drastic discounts, this is not because they can manufacture them cheaper it is because the whole genre is at risk of dying.  Looking at the best games on steam, Arizona Sunshine?????This looks like a more robust wave shooter, Project Cars 2: great game but VR is a bolt-on, not its real intent.  In addition, games not get hype from social influence, less than marketing and promotion.  With that being said, go on Twitch and search for VR, you will find more people watching 80’s pixel games.

Entertainment loves to recycle, sometimes they get it right (Batman), sometimes they get it wrong (Technology).  There is no innovation in VR, and it’s an odd experience in general, but there is a need to fill here and what will/is filling it: Augmented Reality.

If you never heard of AR i will make it simple: Pokemon GO.  AR has a number of huge advantages, it is less bulky, it can be more social by nature, and it encompasses other technologies.  Let’s look at another use of multiple technologies put into AR and used by tons of people, Snapchat Filters.  

This is the blend, while VR looks to take you completely away from reality AR looks to supplant it.  Even appearing in its infancy, it already has more ambitious projects than VR has ever had (warning: horror related).

They are attempting to modify your house into a scary movie, ambitious project.  Imagine playing laser tag with your phone, or duck hunt.  There are many different ways to use AR, and it has full on kits from companies such as Apple, Google, and PTC.  Some of the hardware is not perfected yet, but give it time.  VR however, the hardware is perfected, and there is not much to show.  Google maps in VR is pretty neat, i’ll give them that.

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