MTA: Mr Green’s Racing Server Review

Mr Green’s is a two part server – Racing and Race Mix.  It is the best arcade racing on PC, period.  You might go, oh GTA V is better the physics are better, the maps are better, something.  But let me stop right there.

  • GTASA has racing physics (Smugglers Run)
  • GTASA has an unlimited amount of maps essentially
  • GTASA you just keep racing (that’s the biggest one).
  • GTASA has the best diversity

I have raced within the server: Jets, Bicycles, Go-Karts, Tanks, Helicopters, FOOTRACE, rally cars, dirt bikes, drift cars, economy cars, boats.

**Type of race I love.

There is a minimum of 25 people in a race at any time, and they know how to deal with it appropriately.  They have ghost mode for the first few checkpoints, which turns off.when you get a distance from everyone and then you can bump.  I’ve been in 60 people races, and can verify this is very well thought out.

No matter what there is a race and many of the races are good.  It is a community curated system, there are probably 50,000 races (not exaggerating) created, but they are chosen based on upvotes.

You just keep racing, you can spawn in a server mid race and go.  There is a 30 second period between races, that’s it.  You just keep driving, and that’s what makes it best. GTAV, any other arcade racing game out, you race, then you wait around.  Mr Greens is just constant action and it’s super super fun.

For the negatives: sometimes they have Trackmania style maps, they work and are good, but I prefer more of circuit and off road racing.  You have to move the mouse for the camera, that is the biggest one for me, unless you want first person.  

I watch games copy Mr Green’s server.  For example- Sonic Transformed has the cars switch at checkpoints, Mr Green’s started that years and years ago.  I have played this for years, it’s that no matter what probably the best casual game you can play for 10 minutes that is good for hours.  

Mr Greens has a system where you can collect coins, to buy skins and make your car looks cooler and some other incidental things.  It helps add some progression to it and rewards the people who are mainstays on the server.

It gets creative sometimes

Mr Greens also has a Race Mix Server it has all types of car related things that are not racing:

  • Destruction Derby
  • Last Man Standing (with jumps and rockets)
  • Capture the Flag
  • Push-Off
  • ETC.

This is a compilation of that server:

I love this server, if you like racing you gotta try it. Bottom Line.  Its a blast


Total Score: 8.25 / 10


+Best Arcade Racing on PC

+Constant Action

+Map Diversity

+Car Diversity

+Great Physics

+Tons of Players

+Has some progression


-Camera with mouse(I like it)

-Small Kinks

-Some maps aren’t good

1996 - infinity. The ringer in every spades tournament.

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