The case for a small community FPS game

Play PC games for awhile and you will see one common theme: all aboard the hype train. Whatever is the biggest game now will create the excitement that makes the masses join in.  Let’s give a list of some of the biggest PC fps hype trains in history for perspective:

  • RB6(1)
  • BF1942
  • BF2
  • COD1
  • TF2
  • H1Z1
  • CS
  • Overwatch
  • PUBG

Before I make my case against following the masses: the hype train isn’t a bad thing.  I’ll give you an example: my favorite CS Map: CS_Militia, I think it is the most realistic designed map. CS_Militia however, you probably don’t like it and think I’m crazy.  If this was a small community, I’d never have a chance to play it, but I know I can find a game right now if I would like.  So you get all the bells and whistles in the game at your disposal.  You also can wake-up at 3am, like I just did, and find a game. I found 1 Dirty Bomb game at 3am, compared to >500 CS Games on US East.  

You get more outspoken voices, which will lead to a high probability of bugs, exploits, and all the other stuff you don’t want in game being found.  But this is the double edge sword, let me show you why:

This is the problem with large market games, too developed from a player perspective.  This isn’t a helpful video, everyone has access to it, it really ruins the game.  FPS’s were founded on creativity, and the structure having a huge developed community to an extent ruins it.  If I wanted to be a high ranked CS player from scratch, I would spend 50% of the time watching videos and mimicking people.  Learning all the tips and tricks and shortcuts and all the stuff that comes with a game that has been played too much.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a great fps, but it’s a small market FPS.  When you look for the tips video, you are going to be led to how systems and guns work.  This is critical, because it gives you the tools to be good, but you have to figure everything out.  The best grenade placement, on you, best spot to set up, on you.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam beginners tips

See the difference, the ability to mimic(cs:go) vs learning theory (rs2).  I could pick any small market game you should see the same thing.  They lay out the framework and it is up to you to be the smartest, the most tactful, and of course the most skilled.

I’m not saying this makes one game better than another, i’m just personally saying it’s annoying when everyone knows the best place on the map.  

I urge everyone to figure this out first hand, if you are playing a one of the giant games, learn those tricks that come from tons and tons of experience.  Tell me if that makes you a better player, or a person who gets a better score.  You can read the map in PUBG, spawn better.  You could watch the CS videos, use the smoke just like the clan on TBS.  Or you could come play some small market fps’s with us, become a better adapter, so when the next hype train comes out, you are day 1 the sharpest, most tactful player.  

It helps in real life, and let me give you a situation.  I was working at a Shipyard (building cargo ships), and a goliath crane was bringing down pumps. 

**What a Goliath crane looks like

The crane hit the edge of the area it was being dropped into, turning over the basket which the contained the bump.  300 Feet above me a pump (~400 lbs) was essentially turned over to fall on top of my head, directly.  I had nowhere to run, and little time to react, this could have easily been my death.  But I am adaptive, I didn’t panic I looked around and found a waste bin, with bags of towels on top.  Within the 300 feet (any math guys please tell me the time I had to react), I Identified the place to jump, and Jumped down 10 feet into this bin and knew to land on my back correctly.  My other options were to panic and die, or jump 18 feet and possibly break my ankle.  I knew what to do, I knew how to quickly adapt to it.  Not knowing where to place the smoke grenade saved my life.  

Be creative, play games that require creativity, come join me and play some small market fps’s.

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