Persistent Leveling in games and +skill loot boxes are pretty annoying.

Ever play a new Battlefield?  It now caters to a certain audience, engaged and dedicated.  Are you a casual Battlefield player?  Regardless if you are skilled you take a back seat to the engaged (even though you invested the same amount of money).  

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming out, I played the Beta.  GREAT BETA. Flat out combat was fun dog fighting was fun it was an awesome game.  That may be the funnest it will ever be, leveling and loot boxes will kill it.  Busy professional?  Still a paying customer?  You now pay to have someone with 3 slots of advantages over your 1 slot minor boost.  

20% rate of fire increase for people who invested time, rich get richer…

This game may be best in its first couple weeks, until most of the people have all the unlocks and some couldn’t find the time to keep up.  This is the new norm, the first few weeks are the best if you are not dedicated to that specific game and then you are setup to fail if you don’t put 30 hours a week in.

Why does this exist?  Is this why we keep playing?  They are adding more to the games, and that is a good thing, but they are doing that at the expense of leaving people behind.  You want to buy Battlefield 1 today?  Everyone will have flat out better stuff than you, and you will have to fight uphill.  What happened to, you play the game because you enjoy it?  Now you enjoy it and you also get a free slot machine simulator.

Games need to stop hindering people from getting introduced to the game.  Imagine installing a new game, having an exactly equal fight with someone, and losing, by far.  That is the reality of today with leveling.  There is such a bias towards the active player it is bringing the community inward.  

Let’s give a nonsensical situation.  Battlefield 4 has an underground jail map which is essentially all choke points.  You will be firing into choke points, your enemy will be firing into choke points.  If your enemy regenerates health faster, he is going to do a better job than you of suppressing the choke point.  If he has an extra grenade he will do an even better job, and both are realistic advantages.

Some people will tell me, “well you can out skill them.”  Yes, well you can also out skill them when all things are equal, and it will become far more evident.  By saying that you are saying the game is balancing by less time played equals more skill.  Unacceptable.

What’s the best Battlefield?  Most of you would say Battlefield 2.  The newer ones have better and smoother engines, more detailed maps, on paper it’s a no brainer.  But why are people still saying Battlefield 2?  

Would having an even playing field mean something?  The fact you could go in at any time, shoot some people, hop in a tank and blow up the other tank.  I get it was a little larger in scale and less of a COD Influence, but it was good because it was balanced.  

“FPS’s need to be balanced on skill level and tactics, not skill level, tactics, and unlocks from time invested and/or purchases.”

Having 3 slots of elite boosts vs 1 slot of a junior boost is not balanced.  So what do we end up with?  Balance between people, not an entire game.  The 4 people that are level 30 are balanced, the 4 that are level 60 are balanced and stronger than level 30, and they all share the same battlefield.

Some games get this right, TF2 has tons of weapons you will get from time invested.  But those weapons are all different, there is no distinct advantage in any of them and often you will find the stock weapon as the best.

Overwatch over time you get skins, icons, trinkets, sound clips, etc.  It’s a number of different things, but none are an advantage.

Video games are a business, you have to accept loot boxes if you want tons of patches and sequels.  They need to make money to justify the investment in the games, fact.  But I don’t want play time or money investment to get me a big advantage.  

It could be give everyone everything level 1, and have them work to get the cool weapon skin and a trinket.  It could be the grenade now makes a duck quack when it explodes.  Whatever it is, don’t make things happen at the expense of balance.  

Fast and furious 1(Overwatch)

All show and no go *balanced*
Newer Fast and Furious(EA FPS Games)

Giant blower coming out of hood *unbalanced*

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