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CIT2 Review – Multi Theft Auto

CIT2 ( is a very old and tenured server for Multi Theft Auto.  If I were to describe it: it is the best current attempt at a living and breathing world within a video game.  They patch this game nonstop and it has a huge player base.  I try to describe it with some narratives of things I have done/you can do, but first let’s look at the systems in place:

  • Jobs
  • Gangs
  • Cops
  • Robbers
  • Bank Robbers
  • Gang Turf Wars
  • Crafting
  • Bases/Built Bases
  • House ownership
  • Business ownership
  • Drugs
  • Minigames(occasionally)
  • Racing

Possibly overwhelming, probably overwhelming at first.  That is part of the fun, you hop into a game with the 400+ people in it concurrently doing all types of stuff.  You will spawn at the airport, chose your character (you can change this don’t fret), and then end up in a world where cops are chasing people all of this absolutely nuts things are happening.

Problem 1, you have little to no money, so you need to make money in this game.  There are many ways to do it I will rank them in no order:.

  1. Join a gang that’s rich and get them to give you money for stuff (guns, drugs, a car).
    1. You have to be a good hustler to do this.
  2. Get a job (they have over 20 jobs-Easiest way)
    1. Forester, Factory Worker, Trucker – so many jobs
  3. Become a cop and somehow club some people
    1. Might be difficult as you have no taser/guns yet
  4. Rob stores
    1. Possibly buy some drugs that help with your speed (F2 Drugs/F5 market?)
  5. Go Medic
    1. Find areas of high criminal activity, heal people for money with spray
      1. This is pretty interesting also if you are new

B/E are the most effective, and E is a lot more interesting to me.  I would recommend you walk around first and explore LS.

LS-Cops vs Robbers

LV-Gang Wars

SF-Jobs and other stuff

**CIT2 Map**

Maybe you go /criminal, rob houses and try to deliver the stuff without getting caught.  It’s going to be overwhelming, push the map (F10/F11?) you will find out.  Let it be overwhelming, embrace it.  That’s part of the beauty of this game, being confused about what is going on but dammit it’s cool and unique.  Within 5 minutes of launching I was watching 3 people escape a CluckU from cops, an apache helicopter and 3 cars were chasing them, a freaking Apache Helicopter!  Where you going to see that online?  It’s gaming with intent, you create your own missions and the world intuitively interacts with them.

I went cop, and they have a system you can pin everyone depending on the stars (1-5 star ranking).  This ended up like Benny hill the game, as 5 people chase one guy in a chicken costume who was laggy.  It could be frustrating due to lag, but it was really funny to me.

**Chasing the chicken, literally**

Cops can, kill anyone wanted (1+) next to name.  Tase them and club them, then bring them to the station on the back of the car.  You can level up as a cop, and eventually do things like, catch them speeding which will give them a star, then lay down spike traps and pop their tires.  It sounds cool, because it is cool  

**caught someone speeding and spiked trapped them** lol

Joining a gang can be fun, you team up with people and do missions.  Maybe you are in Las Vegas taking turfs (LV is subdivided into a number of capture points), you can make good money holding points.  

It has a drug system, and all the drugs do different stuff, make you jump higher, give you some passive healing, if you are to fight people you need them for an even playing field.  The netcode is decent depending on player, but it needs more stateside players it would be pretty freaking good.  

**here is a guy physically selling drugs in front of a bank robbery ready to start**

They have a bank robbery system, which is like a store robbery but on a larger level.  It may be 30 vs 30 inside of a bank, and you need to hold your ground for a certain period of time then escape.  If you are new you can do this, but you gotta find someone who will let you hop in their car.  Get a certain distance keep the money, and keep running until the 5 stars are gone(you won’t make at first).

*Escaping from a bike robbery, shooting off the back of the bike*

*here is me throwing a grenade at 2 criminals escaping via trash truck, because why not*

On top of the police, they have the SWAT and the ARMY, they do drills and are pretty interesting as well.

*Army wants me dead*

They have random street races pop up, I wanted to share this because have you ever had a race through the city where the cars weren’t AI???  Its nuts.

*Race about the start*

The game also has NPC’s, which give you missions.  You may be able to buy low and sell to the NPC, as they might say do you have speed: Will pay XX.  They also have, can you kill these people for example.  They are a neat addition.

*running someone off a cliff lol*

Gang system could dictate your time, as you may be interacting with them if you join one.  So my advice is to join someone you enjoy.  I was in the Bikers and they would just stand around their pretty cool base and do nothing.  Maybe they would ride around in circles on motorcycles.  It was boring, and you couldn’t be a cop, and they lost pretty much every gang war.  That’s not something I would want you to be a part of, cause you will waste your time with people like that and miss having fun.


**Here is a base, the bikers base, see they just stand around don’t join someone like that**

I was previously in a gang where 4 of us would all go cop, get in the same car, and just do drivebys on criminals, that was fun to me.  Then we all got in a helicopter, went to a tall building, and started sniping the cops, again super fun.  See how different your experience can be?

Have fun, it’s not so serious.  Experiment, fail, hustle, blow stuff up.  This game is what you make it.  My Advice: Find someone to help you with the baby steps, and then do what you want.




+Huge World
+So many options
+Super populated (400+ usually)
+Experiences you will never get in another game
+Can be funny
+Must see to believe
+Turf wars interesting
+Cops and Robbers fun
+Racing fun


-Not many Americans/Canadians(although english speaking server)
-While good help, may not be enough
-Possible initial grind(earn $$)
-Not AAA polished
-Lots of secondary buttons
-X-click on stuff
-F Keys
-Bind drugs?
-Bind key lock
-Bind key chatbox gc (gangs)

To someone who makes it past the threshold they can receive gifts(takes a certain amount of hours), leave a message here/find me and I will give you $300,000  applies to the first 3 people(may extend to more people).

1996 - infinity. The ringer in every spades tournament.

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