Quake Champions is coming- what to expect

With the Quake Champions Early Access coming, wanted to take a second to give people an expectation of what to expect before my review comes in.

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  1. MOBA Influence- League of Legends has basically changed the gaming industry.  Remember in Quake 3 they tried to make this branding on the different characters, but they were all the same just looked different basically.  In Quake Champions expect the Moba influence, different players with different health and speeds who will have Moves, such as charge into the wall.  This has basically become the evolution of every game at this point
  2. MOBA Pricing – I am going to take a guess and say, you can buy ($) champs, or it will have some sort of currency where you can earn them through playing
  3. No network complaints- they are starting 120hz servers and uncapped frame rates, in Quake’s hay day this wasn’t something needed to be mentioned, but in today’s world, – Good Job Bethesda
  4. Familiarity, only easier- Bunnyhop, check – Hug the armor, check – your favorite quake3 weapon, check.  Map designs same, check.  Expect a lot of the same, which is something I personally like.
  5. Large skill parity over the first year – Bringing on new people, it will be bunny hoppers who camp armor vs people who just run around and have fun.  It will take some time to bridge this skill gap.
  6. Limited Success – I want quake to win, and this will be a good game, but who plays arena shooters anymore?  There is a constant effort to reinvigorate arena shooters, and it hasn’t worked yet.

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  1. Quake Champions beta was pretty awesome. However, it is definitely not noob friendly. Most of the players were from quake live, so new players will def have some catching up to do. Quake Champions will be a good test to see if arena style shooters will make a comeback, i just wish they didn’t use overwatch as inspiration.


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