Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer Beta Trailer Review

Launching the COD WWII Multiplayer Beta Trailer a lightbulb went off. There’s actually real logical objectives now in the maps, awesome.

I went back to the games I remember who do things like this, and realize, this game is a blast from the past. Why do I say this? Take RTCW(Return to Castle Wolfenstein) maps and COD2(or 1) gameplay, and two games from ?2003? Have led to the innovation that is today. Dirty Bomb ( also has this type of game mode, as it is inherently an offshoot of RTCW (I could write a splash damage history of as well, if anyone cares).

There is apparently no more time based healing, requiring greater teamwork which I hope will be received well by their 420NOSCOPE community spawned out of the last 5 COD’s. Gameplay still looks fluid, and they have always done well with the way movement feels with the engine.

Probably sounds like i’m dinging this pretty hard, as i’m saying they are just copy and pasting other things and calling it 60 dollars. Guess what, i’m not. RTCW’s game mode was probably the best competitive FPS mode i’ve ever played. COD1/2 were amazing games, and were pretty hardcore Quake3 Engine shooters which were really crisp. I’m cool with the fact they went from innovating to doing the opposite and going with what works. It’s even class based now, just like RTCW was, with less innovation than before in a good way.

So to sum it up, this gets an 8/10, haven’t been excited for a Call of Duty in forever. Add Dedicated Servers and you get a 9 Call of Duty, if they already did just assume it’s a 9. I haven’t played the last few COD’s, probably for good reasons.


+COD Polish
+Probably runs smooth
+Know 90% of what you are buying
+Investment dollars
+Activision desperate to increase sales, should work harder.


-They could screw it up, because activision
-If its p2p servers wouldn’t buy it
-Expect to hear squeaky trash talk
-Will still have stupid individuality such as the 420 sticker.
-Might invest more time in zombie mode

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