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We provide a free central hub for where you can meet others, create and launch games,  and organize online tournaments all within one house.  We host daily online spades tournaments with our dedicated communities who are welcoming to newcomers.  This is a great place to belong, join in and have fun with our group of active spades players.

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We offer a free multiplayer spades online platform where communities play in Spades Tournaments.  We offer a lobby based chat platform, with both mic chat and a friends system, where you can launch online spades games.  We have active spades leagues who have come to MPLAYER as they enjoy our unique approach to online spades. We strive to have a great community and experience, that is why we require all users to sign-up, so you can have an identity and belong in our online spades community.  

Please note, some bugs will be present during the alpha phase. Bugs can be reported via our tracker

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